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Speed control valves, throttle valves

Needle valve with adjusting dial

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Linear flow characteristics of rotating needle valve adopted.
Rotation speed is displayed numerically on a dial, so anyone can easily and securely control the speed and adjust various flow rates of the cylinder.

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[Linear flow characteristics]
Linear flow characteristics in proportion to dial indicator value.

[Rotation speed displayed on dial]
Needle rotation speed is displayed numerically on a dial.
Fixing of needle is easy with sliding type lock lever. Easy adjustment work.

[Unrestricted mounting]
The mounting area rotates by 360°, enabling mounting and installation method to be selected from base, side, or panel. Mounting brackets not required.

Model No. Product name Compatible tube O.D. Remarks
DVL-S-※Check valveΦ4,Φ6,Φ8,Φ10,Φ12
DVL-N-※Needle valve / oil-prohibitedΦ4,Φ6,Φ8,Φ10,Φ12

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