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Exhaust cleaner

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Exhaust cleaner effectively removes dust and oil mist in compressed air exhausted from pneumatic components such as solenoid valves and cylinders, reduces exhaust noise and improves the factory environment. Oil mist collection efficiency maintaining a clean factory environment is 99.9% or more.


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[Exhaust noise/oil mist minimized]
Oil mist collection efficiency 99.9% or more.
Noise reduction effect of 35 dB or more.
With a wide range of models, processing flow rates range from 0.3 to 10 m3/min (ANR).

Model No. Product name Port size (Rc)Noise reduction effect (dB) Remarks
FA331Compact type3/835 or more
FA431Standard type1/235 or more
FA531Large type3/435 or more
FA631Large type135 or more
FA731Large bore size1 1/235 or more
FA831Large bore size235 or more

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