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The fiber tube is an extremely thin, flexible air tube comparable to the lead wire. It enables easy piping in narrow spaces or short distances. In addition, the tube resistance (tube stress) after piping is much smaller than those of conventional products and has almost no effect on the device accuracy. The fiber tube is suitable for small bore size air cylinder piping and saves system space.

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[Thin as lead wire]
O.D. φ1.0 ultra thin size. Saves significant piping space.
Tube piping capacity is small, thus energy saving.

[No effect on device accuracy]
As the tube stress after piping is only the same level as that of lead wire, the effect on device accuracy is small.

Highly bendable and flexible in mounting, enabling piping in narrow spaces or short distances from 200 to 300 mm.

[Easily attachable/removable] (UP-9402-F1 Series, EH Series, UP-SR Series)
Push and hold the push ring of the fitting and attach or detach the tube.

[Dedicated fittings] (UP-9102-F1 Series)
Put the retainer collar on the fiber tube, connect the fiber tube to the dedicated fitting and protect with the retainer collar.

Model No. Product name O.D. tube sizeLength per roll (m) Remarks
UP-9102-F1Fiber tubeφ1.820
PTN2,PTNL2Dedicated fitting- -
UP-9402ーF1Fiber tubeφ1.820
PGPush-in fitting for standard fiber tube- -
CGPush-in fitting for clean-room fiber tube- -
SC3WDedicated speed controller- -
SCL2Dedicated speed controller- -
RGPush-in fitting for flame-resistant fiber tube--
UP-91※※-F2Antistatic tube, dedicated fittingφ3.2, φ4, φ6/φ8, φ10, φ1220
UP-92※※-F1Antistatic tube, dedicated fittingφ3.2, φ4, φ6/φ8, φ10, φ1220

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