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Check valves, shuttle valves, quick exhaust valves

Quick exhaust valve with push-in fitting

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Lineup includes compact/space-saving In-line and Plug types.
The in-line type has built-in φ4 and φ6 push-in fittings, with atmospheric release and exhaust port fittings available.
The plug type can be directly attached to the actuator and is effective in preventing condensation caused by adiabatic expansion.

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[Condensation countermeasures]
Countering condensation caused by adiabatic expansion of small actuators can be easily implemented. The result is the realization of a long service life and stable operation of the actuator.

[Easy retrofitting]
The plug shape allows for easy mounting near the actuator. It has a space-saving and clean design.

[High speed drive]
Effective for high-speed driving of actuators.

[Compact and space-saving inline type]
Built-in φ4 and φ6 push-in fittings. Available in atmospheric release type and with exhaust port fittings.

Model No. Product name Compatible tube O.D.Exhaust specification Remarks
QEL-※※PQuick exhaust valve with push-in fittingφ4, φ6Atmospheric release type
QEL-H※※Quick exhaust valve with push-in fittingφ4, φ6With exhaust port fitting, atmospheric release type

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