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All actuators use absolute type position detectors.
The driver and actuator can be used in combination.
It is a product that can be used in a wide range of applications such as assembly.

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AX1000T: Highly accurate with indexing accuracy of ±15 seconds, and output shaft surface runout and center runout of 0.01 mm.
AX2000T: With maximum rotation speed of 300 rpm, it is ideal for high speed operation.
AX4000T: It is available in 8 models with maximum torque of 9 to 1000 N·m.
Standard flat series with large hollow bore.

AX9000TS: Supports 10 models with maximum torque of 6 to 75 N·m.
AX9000TH: Supports 6 models with maximum torque of 150 to 1000 N·m.
Complies with UL/cUL (North America), CE (Europe) and safety standard certification.
Supports six types of interface: Parallel I/O (NPN/PNP), CC-Link, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP.

[AX Tools provided free of charge]
Software that supports startup adjustment of AX such as gain adjustment function, PLC input/output confirmation function, operation check function, filter setting function and the like by setting the program and parameters.
Supports all ABSODEX series.

[ABSODEX Interactive Terminal AX0180]
It supports AXs startup adjustment through six actions; edit, display, parameter, action, copy and tuning.
It supports not only driver TS/TH but also conventional models (S/GS/H/GH/WGH).

Model No. Product name Remarks
AX-CBLM5-DM※※Motor cable for AX1000T
AX-CBLR5-DM※※Resolver cable for AX1000T
AX-CBLM6-DM※※Motor cable for AX2000T/4000T
AX-CBLR6-DM※※Resolver cable for AX2000T/4000T
AX0180Interactive terminal

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