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Air booster

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Enables air boosting by using only air pressure in combination with air tanks to raise the primary pressure two-fold (0.99 MPa max.) without the use of electricity.
Energy and cost savings will be achieved in total manufacturing lines, since pressure can be increased only at the required points in the factory.


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[Boosted to twice the pressure]
No-electricity-needed air booster.
Capable of boosting the primary pressure range up to two-fold (max. 0.99 MPa).
Compact design and flexible installation.

Increased thrust in welding cylinder.
Reducing the footprint of the air cylinder.
Improving output capacity of driving components (air cylinder, air motor, etc.).
Quick filling of high-pressure air to air tanks.
Boosting in explosion-proof atmospheres.
Countering pressure changes in factory lines (fall in air pressure of lines, etc.).

Model No. Product name OUT port positionPort size (Rc) Remarks
ABP-12Air boosterSame side as IN port1/2
ABP-12DAir boosterBottom (direct connection to air tank)1/2
ABP-12LAir boosterBack side of IN port1/2

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