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Regulator for water

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Easy-to-use compact regulator for water. Specially designed knob shape for easy pressure adjustment, with mesh filter supplied as standard.


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[Easy to use]
Specially designed knob shape for easy pressure adjustment.
A single push can lock the pressure adjustment knob.
Mesh filter is supplied as standard.
RoHS compliant product.

Control pressure: An arbitrary pressure can be obtained even if the flow rate is unstable.
Flow rate control: The desired flow rate can be attained when used together with a metering valve.
Protecting equipment: Equipment can be protected from primary side pressure fluctuations.
Equipment examples: Laser processing machine, welding machine, dental instruments, etc.

Model No. Product name Port size (Rc)Max. working pressure (MPa)Set pressure (MPa) Remarks
WR1Standard type1/8, 1/41.00.05 to 0.70
WR2Standard type3/8, 1/21.00.05 to 0.70
WR1-LLow pressure type1/8, 1/41.00.02 to 0.35
WR2-LLow pressure type3/8, 1/21.00.02 to 0.35

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