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Slider / Rod type

Electric actuator

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Electric actuator compatible with single and multi-axis servo motor drive.
Combine the components freely for compatibility with any transport situation.

【Compatible controllers】
* Please see "Related Products" for details on the controller.

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[Flexible combinations]
Simply by combining standard products, we have constructed an orthogonal transport system suitable for any transport situation.
It can be freely combined from single-axis to 4 axis.

[Applicable to a wide range of transport applications]
Supports transport from light load to high loads.
Max. load capacity 250 kg. (Horizontal)

[Long stroke length]
Long stroke length compatible.
Maximum stroke length 4450 mm (timing belt drive)

Just connect the single-axis controller with the link cable to create a multi-axis controller.
High tact, simultaneous control up to 4 axes and complicated sealing work are also possible.

Model No. Product name Max. load capacity (horizontal)Max. speedMax. stroke length Remarks
KBX-T5DSlider type (ball screw drive)10kg800mm/s500mm
KBX-T7DSlider type (ball screw drive)30kg800mm/s700mm
KBX-10Slider type (ball screw drive)80kg1200mm/s1250mm
KBX-30Slider type (ball screw drive)100kg1200mm/s1250mm
KBX-50Slider type (ball screw drive)150kg1200mm/s1600mm
KBX-60Slider type (ball screw drive)250kg2300mm/s1700mm
KBX-10Slider type (timing belt drive)20kg2000mm/s2550mm
KBX-30Slider type (timing belt drive)40kg2000mm/s3200mm
KBX-50Slider type (timing belt drive)100kg2000mm/s4450mm
KBX-60Slider type (timing belt drive)200kg1000mm/s4450mm
KBX-T3DRod type (ball screw drive)4kg600mm/s150mm
KBX-T4DRod type (ball screw drive)7kg600mm/s200mm
KBX-T5ERod type (ball screw drive)25kg600mm/s300mm
KBX-00D-RHR axis type (harmonic drive)10kg360°/s-
KBX-00D-RPR axis type (planetary gear)10kg857°/s-

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