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Stepper motor drive

Electric actuator

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Slider type electric actuator with stepper motor drive.
With the automatic actuator recognition function, it helps save time and labor for initial configuration.

  • Biochemical analysis equipment
  • Physicochemical analysis equipment

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[Space saving]
In addition to straight, right, left, and bottom motor mounting directions can be selected.
Contributes to equipment space saving.

[Compact controller]
Industry's smallest class controller focused on compactness.
Three types available: 7-point and 63-point positioning as well as pulse train input type.

[Easy maintenance]
Linear guide with ball retainer and ball screw with lubricator are adopted to realize long-term maintenance-free. operation.

[Easy setting]
The next button to be pressed lights up.
Easy teaching is possible even on the first try.

Model No. Product name Max. load capacity (horizontal)Max. load capacity (vertical)Max. speed Remarks
ERL2-45※06Lead 610Kg5Kg300mm/s
ERL2-45※12Lead 125Kg2Kg600mm/s
ERL2-60※06Lead 630Kg11Kg200mm/s
ERL2-60※12Lead 1216Kg6.5Kg400mm/s
EC077-point positioning controller---
ECPTPulse train input controller---
ETP2-2Teaching pendant---

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