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Stepper motor drive

Electric actuator

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Rod type electric actuator featuring the same ease of use as pneumatic components.
Built-in controller contributes to space saving.


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[Space saving thanks to a built-in controller]
Controller built into actuator.
As the controller no longer requires installation space and wiring, equipment space can be minimized.

[Use just like a cylinder]
Design as if with a pneumatic cylinder is possible, such as mounting a cylinder switch.

Model No. Product name Max. load capacity (horizontal)Max. load capacity (vertical)Maximum press-fit force Remarks
ESSD-28-6Lead 610Kg1.5Kg30 N or more
ESSD-42-6Lead 625Kg11Kg150 N or more
ESSD-42-12Lead 1220Kg5Kg70 N or more
ESSD-42-24Lead 2410Kg1Kg30 N or more
ESSD-56-6Lead 625kg25kg450 N or more
ESSD-56-12Lead 1220Kg15Kg250 N or more
ETP-2Teaching pendant---

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