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Electric actuator

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Motorless electric actuator that can mount a motor you're familiar with.
Belt drive and low dust specifications contribute to the ideal design with a wide variety of sizes and options.

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  • Special purpose / conveyance
  • Sterilization (autoclave)
  • Packaging
  • Physicochemical analysis equipment

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[Low dust specification]
Low dust generation is achieved by a full cover structure and vacuum port.
Realizes long stroke as well as high speed at long stroke by belt drive.
Two kinds of belts (standard rubber and low-dust urethane) are available.

[Diverse lineup]
The optimal selection is possible with a broad lineup of 6 sizes.
Max. load capacity up to 85 kg, max. stroke length up to 3500 mm, max. speed up to 2000 mm/s.

[Applicable to motors from all manufacturers]
Familiar servo motors from seven different manufacturers can be installed.
Compatible with all field networks.

[High rigidity] (ECV-14 or higher)
A highly rigid body is realized by adopting a parallel guide.

[Easy maintenance] (ECV-10 or higher)
Built-in grease nipple (option).
It is possible to lubricate directly from the oil filler on the slider side.

Model No. Product name Max. load capacity (horizontal)Max. speedMax. stroke length Remarks
ECV-05Body width 50mm3kg2000mm/s800mm
ECV-06Body width 65mm3kg2000mm/s800mm
ECV-10Body width 102mm10kg1600mm/s2550mm
ECV-14Body width 135mm25kg2000mm/s3050mm
ECV-17Body width 170mm45kg2000mm/s3500mm
ECV-22Body width 220mm85kg2000mm/s3400mm

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