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Electric shuttle mover

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Transport system that enables single-axis 2D transport with one motor.
Long stroke of up to 20 m. Multipoint positioning / Soft start & stop possible.
This is a motorless specification.

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[Space saving]
2D operation is realized without using multi-axis or gantry robots.
Contributes to space saving with effective use of space.
Supports long strokes of up to 20 m, inconceivable for conventional electric actuators.

[Smooth operation realized]
The servo motor drive enables freely adjustable setting of multipoint positioning speed.
Smooth start / stop is realized.

[Applicable to motors from all manufacturers]
Mount a motor you're familiar with.
Brackets compatible with all manufacturers' motors are available.

Model No. Product name Remarks
ESM-HDUMotor drive unit
ESM-TTUTension unit
ESM-CACarrier unit
ESM-STStraight unit
ESM-VCCurve unit

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