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Maximum torque of 1.2 N·m is achieved with the industrys smallest motor with 80 mm outer diameter and 47 mm height.
It is the ideal product for processes where space has been an issue.

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It is available in two sizes with 80 mm outer diameter, 47 mm height with maximum torque of 1.2 N·m, and 67 mm height and maximum torque of 3 N·m.
The hollow bore diameter is φ13 mm.

[AX6000M dedicated driver]
The driver has been miniaturized by using a DC power supply.
CE standards compliant.
It supports two types of interface: Parallel I/O (NPN, PNP).

[AX Tools provided free of charge]
Software that supports startup adjustment of AX such as gain adjustment function, PLC input/output confirmation function, operation check function, filter setting function and the like by setting the program and parameters.
Supports all ABSODEX series.

Model No. Product name Remarks
AX-CBLM8-※※Motor cable for AX6000M
AX-CBLR8-※※Resolver cable for AX6000M

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