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Direct acting 3-port solenoid valves

Direct acting 3-port valve

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Handles compact 3-port valve applications across the board. (Air operated valve/cylinder drive, suction transport,
air blow, etc.)
3QE / Z Series for positive pressure only,
3QB Series for positive and negative pressure,
3QR Series with large flow rate for positive and negative pressure.
[Cylinder bore size: φ6 to φ20]

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (post-process)
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Dialysis monitoring equipment
  • Dental equipment

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[Environmental performance] (3QE / 3QZ Series)  
In addition to high durability, stable responsiveness is realized by prevention of malfunction and snagging due to foreign matter.
Suppresses heat generation and reduces electricity.

[Maintainability] (3QE / 3QZ Series)
Upward/lateral common wiring connector and manual override realize ease of use and high maintainability.
Enables continuous energization. (Option)

[Compact and lightweight] (3QB Series)
Valve width 10 mm.
Weight 12.5 g.

[3QB low vacuum, positive pressure switching] (3QB Series)
Low vacuum and positive pressure can be freely combined.
Can be customized.

[High performance] (3QR Series)
Universal structure.
Selectable flow rate.
Large flow rate 0.4 d㎥/(s/bar)
Standard: 0.3 d㎥/(s/bar)
High response: 4 ±1 ms / 1.5 ±1 ms (ON/OFF).

Model No. Product name Port size Remarks
3QEPositive pressure dedicatedM5
3QZPositive pressure dedicatedM5
3QBPositive / negative pressure switchingM5
3QRPositive / negative pressure switching, large flow rateM5

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