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Direct acting 3-port solenoid valves

Negative pressure switching unit

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Vacuum suction unit that does not use a vacuum burst valve, utilizing 3QR Series‘ large flow rate and high responsivity. There are self-reset types and self-hold types.

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[Vacuum burst valve not required]
Vacuum release without positive pressure to prevent small chips from being blown away, often a problem. No further countermeasure required.
No need for burdensome adjustment of burst pressure, flow rate and timing.
Slimmer with no vacuum burst valve.

[Footprint minimized]
Reduces footprint by 44% and weight by 53% from conventional burst units, making it ideal for downsizing manufacturing equipment.
Allows installation in tight space, increasing the flexibility in design.
Lighter weight makes it easier to be installed on a movable portion of equipment.

[Pressure sensor can be equipped]
Downsizing made possible by integrating the vacuum pressure sensor.
Capable of detecting negative pressure without taking up space.
The pressure sensor is tightened by clips, improving maintainability.

[Vacuum filter can be equipped]
No need to install a filter in the middle of piping.
Vacuum filter can be replaced in one step.

Model No. Product name Port size Remarks
MV3QRABody pipingM5, push-in fitting φ4, φ6
MV3QRBSub-plate pipingM5, push-in fitting φ4, φ6

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