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Discontinued some variations

Component allowing assembly of a step-by-step sequence circuit with just compressed air without using electricity.


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As it does not use electricity, it can be used in explosion-proof atmospheres.

[Solenoid valves not required]
Since solenoid valves are not required, electro-pneumatic conversion is not required.
There is also no need for a safety device for electricity.

[Increase in safety]
There are no electrical accidents to workers because electricity is not used.

Model No. Product name Remarks
PSM-A12PLC elements
PRT-A12Relay elements
PLJ-A12Logic elements
PXV-M1※Operation switches and air lamps
PXC-M111Detecting elements
PWEQuick unload valveDiscontinued
2002 03 31
PXB・ZB2Switch / Switch headDiscontinued
2002 10 31
2001 04 30
PZCTerminal blockDiscontinued
2002 11 30
ZB4-BH※Switch head Protrusion typeDiscontinued
2011 06 30
ZB4-BR4Switch head Large Mushroom-shaped typeDiscontinued
2011 06 30

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