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Pilot operated 3, 4, 5-port solenoid valves

PLC-compatible block manifold

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More compact (39.5 mm high) and high-performance cassette 3, 4-port block manifold is also available.
[Cylinder bore size: φ20 to φ40]

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process)
  • Components for chemical liquid supply facilities
  • Components for chemical gas supply facilities
  • N2 purging related products

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[Abundant communication support]
Compatible with EtherNet / IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link, and DeviceNet.
*November 2020, EtherNet/IP added.

[Thin / space saving]
MN3/4E00 Series is the thinnest at 7 mm, contributing to space saving.
MN3/4E 0 series is a 10 mm high performance block manifold not only contributing to space saving, but also offering excellent responsiveness. (N3E0 Series two 3-port valves integrated type: A.B port both 12 ms)

[Environmental conservation]
Lighter weight and reduced material usage by downsizing / energy saving.
We were among the earliest to reduce chemical substances affecting the environment, including lead-free solder and materials compatible with JIG-101A level A.
With energy saving type (Option E), it further reduces power consumption.

[Wide range of fitting variations]
Inch size compatible with push-in fitting, ideal for use in the Western market.
It also supports φ3 and φ1.8 tubes, contributing to space saving of piping.

[Wide array of electrical connections]
Serial transmission corresponding to various connectors and networks are available.
Also supports individual wiring.
Easily pluggable regulator blocks are also available.

[Pursuit of safety]
Exhaust check valve, manual cover to prevent misoperation and air supply filter to prevent entry of foreign matter are provided as standard.

Model No. Product name Valve pitchPort size Remarks
MN3E003-port valve7 mmPush-in fitting φ1.8 to 4, M3
MN3E03-port valve10 mmPush-in fitting φ1.8 to 6, M5
MN4E004-port valve7 mmPush-in fitting φ1.8 to 4, M3
MN4E04-port valve10 mmPush-in fitting φ1.8 to 6, M5

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