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Cylinders with brake/lock

Brake unit

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10 types of discrete brake units of brake cylinders (φ40 to φ180 ) are available. These powerful and compact brake units enable movable rods to stop instantaneously. Usable as safety and clamp mechanisms for various devices in a variety of applications.

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[High precision]
Rod stopping accuracy ± 1.0 mm or less is realized by CKD unique brake mechanism (rod speed 300 mm/s, no load).
Contributes to improved equipment accuracy.

[Powerful holding force]
Powerful holding force of 980 N to 20,000 N is provided according to φ16 to φ45 rod diameter.
Even if air source is shut off, the rod position is held.

[High durability]
Soft braking force and excellent durability are realized.

[Compact and lightweight]
Compact design, using an aluminum body.

[Manual lock easily released]
The lock can be released just by screwing in a bolt.

Model No. Product name Rod diameter Remarks
JSB3Brake unitφ16, φ20, φ25, φ30, φ35, φ40, φ45

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