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Cylinders with brake/lock

Linear guide lock

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When used with a system incorporating a linear guide, this lock unit can be used to lock a workpiece after moving it to a specified position, or to enable emergency stop for safety, etc.

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[Powerful holding force]
Three models of 1175 N, 1960 N, and 2450 N are available.

[Emergency stop possible]
It can be used not only for holding when stopped, but also for emergency stop or position locking.

[Environmental countermeasures]
Dust-proof scraper is provided as standard.

[Unlocked by air supply]
The lock mechanism is released by air supply and operated by air exhaust. (Manual release possible)

Table fixing and position locking.
X-Y table fixing and holding.
Table fixing and holding at the desired position.

Model No. Product name Operating rail width Remarks
LMBTHK15, 20, 25

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