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Medium main line filter

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Discontinued 2019 03 30

【Discontinued model】
Alternative model : Medium Main Line Filter AF2 Series

Lower pressure loss, longer life and a more compact size have been realized by adopting new materials and new structure. Energy saving element used/simple element replacement / equipped with drain discharger.
[Applicable compressor] 22 kW to 95 kW


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[Advanced energy-saving element]
The new pleated structure provides a large filtration area.

[Simple module connections for further space saving]
The filters can be connected with the module kit, enabling space-saving installation.

[Easy element replacement]
The element can be replaced without touching the dirty element surface.

[Equipped with differential pressure indicator] (AF2000P/AF2000M)
Differential pressure indicator provided as standard to easily control element service life.

Model No. Product name Filtration rating (µm)Applications Remarks
AF2000PMain line filter1Pre-filterDiscontinued
2020 03 30
AF2000MMicro alescer0.01High-performance oil removing filterDiscontinued
2020 03 30
AF2000XMicro alescer-Deodorizing filterDiscontinued
2020 03 30

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