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Large main line filter (oil free)

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A stainless steel vessel is used to eliminate concerns about rust, and to supply perfectly clean high quality air. Incorporated energy saving element / remote control possible.
[Applicable compressor] 95 kW to 1450 kW


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[SUS vessel provided]
For oil-free, SUS304 is used for all models.

[Incorporated energy saving element]
Reduced pressure loss to half compared to conventional models.

[Unique drain discharge system]
Forcible discharge method, while new auto-drain with air loss zero is used.

[Remote control possible]
Element control enabled by differential pressure switch outputting alarm signal.

[Easy maintenance]
Easy element replacement just by removing the upper flange.

Model No. Product name Filtration (μm)Applications Remarks
AF5000PMain line filter3Pre-filter
AF5000SMicro alescer0.3Oil removing filter
AF5000MMicro alescer0.01High-performance oil removing filter
AF5000XMicro alescer-Deodorizing filter

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