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Twin rod & double rod structure with built-in shock absorber makes it ideal for transporting with less shock and noise while called on for high thrust.

  • Environmental durability

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[Two use methods]
Select from two fixing methods: body fixing and end plate fixing according to the application.

As it is a twin rod type, it has excellent raceway linearity and the ball bearing type realizes higher accuracy and longer life.

[Compact and high thrust]
Slim, compact body with high thrust of parallel double pistons.

[Shock absorber integrated]
With soft stop function, transport with less shock is possible.

[Adjustable stroke length]
Adjustment between standard stroke lengths is optionally available.

Model No. Product name Bore sizeMagnet for switch Remarks
UCA2Double acting / double rod / metal bush bearingφ10, φ16, φ25, φ32None
UCA2-LDouble acting / double rod / metal bush bearing with switchφ10, φ16, φ25, φ32Yes
UCA2-BDouble acting / double rod / ball bearingφ10, φ16, φ25, φ32None
UCA2-BLDouble acting / double rod / ball bearing with switchφ10, φ16, φ25, φ32Yes

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