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Parallel hands

Miniature cross roller parallel hand

Model No.

Miniature type allowing multiple-unit mounting.
[Operating stroke length] 4 mm


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[High precision / smooth operation]
Cross roller guide is adopted in the slide part.
Preload is applied with no play, realizing high precision and smooth movement,

Total length 50 mm. Width 25 mm. Just 10 mm thin miniature type.
Ideal for transporting and assembling small workpieces.

[Easy mounting]
Side mounting (tap and through hole), top mounting (tap) possible.
Multiple mounting for simultaneous clamping of multiple workpieces is possible.

[Open / close confirmation switch]
2 proximity switches can be installed.

Model No. Product name Bore sizePort size Remarks
BSA2-※Double actingφ6M3
BSA2-※-OSingle acting (normally open)φ6M3
BSA2-※-CSingle acting (normally closed)φ6M3

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