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Parallel hands

Compact wide parallel hand

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It is a wide parallel hand with a low overall height and a wide range of applications. Newly added to the variation is a coolant resistant specification. Durability is improved even in environments where coolant is splashed.
[Operation stroke]
Standard: 30, 40, 50, 70, 100 mm
Long stroke: 60/80/100/120/160/200mm
Standard: 30, 40, 50 mm
Long stroke 1: 60/80/100/120 mm

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[Small / lightweight / compact]
Low overall height for effective utilization of limited space.
Body realizes a simple compact design.

[Powerful gripping force]
Double piston mechanism realizes powerful gripping force.

[Long stroke length]
Operating stroke length of the jaw is long and combination adjustments are unnecessary.

[Open / close confirmation switch]
2 proximity switches can be installed.

[Coolant resistant type]
A built-in scraper type has been added to the variation. It can be equipped with an improved coolant resistant cylinder switch.

Model No. Product name StrokeBore sizePort size Remarks
HMFDouble acting20~100mmΦ12×2, Φ16×2, Φ20×2, Φ25×2, Φ32×2, Φ40×2M5, Rc1/8
HMF-※-L1Double acting60~160mmΦ16×2, Φ20×2, Φ25×2, Φ32×2, Φ40×2M5, Rc1/8
HMF-※-L2Double acting80~200mmΦ16×2, Φ20×2, Φ25×2, Φ32×2, Φ40×2M5, Rc1/8
HMF-GDouble acting, coolant resistant specifications30~50mmφ16×2,φ20×2,φ25×2M5
HMF-G-※-L1Double acting, coolant resistant specifications60~100mmφ16×2,φ20×2,φ25×2M5
HMF-G-※-L2Double acting, coolant resistant specifications80~120mmφ16×2,φ20×2,φ25×2M5

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