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Fulcrum hands

Small jaw

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Small jaw

A variety of small jaws (soft) is available to match user machining needs.


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[Spigot section machined]
Troublesome reference section (spigot section) machined.
Select according to the shape and dimensions of the workpiece.

[2 types of material]
Iron (S50C) and engineering plastic (MC nylon) are available for optimum selection according to the workpiece material and working conditions.

Model No. Product name Remarks
FH-※-1※0Small jaw for Feather hand (FH100 / FH500)
HAP-※-1※0Small jaw for Parallel hand
BHA-※-2※0Small jaw for Compact cross roller parallel hand
BHG-※-2※0Small jaw for Compact cross roller parallel hand with rubber cover
HEP-※-※※0Small jaw for Bearing parallel hand
HCP-※-1※0Small jaw for Lateral parallel hand
HBL-※-150Small jaw for Fulcrum hand
CKG-※-※※0Small jaw for 3-way jaw bearing chuck
CK-※-7※0Small jaw for 3-way jaw long stroke chuck
CKA-※-※※0Small jaw for 3-way jaw thin chuck
CKF-※-※※0Small jaw for Hollow chuck

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