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Fulcrum hands

Wide angle hand

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Smooth movement without reaction is possible.
[Open / close angle] 0° to 180°


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[Large opening angle]
Since there is no interference between the workpiece and jaw, the space taken up is small and no auxiliary slide is required.

[Easy installation]
There are three mounting surfaces, and installation from any direction is possible.

[Lightweight and compact]
Body is lightweight and compact.
Demonstrates powerful gripping force.

[Open / close confirmation switch]
2 proximity switches can be installed.

Model No. Product name Bore sizePort size Remarks
HDL-※Double actingφ25, φ40M5, Rc1/8
HDL-※-OSingle acting (normally open)φ25, φ40M5, Rc1/8
HDL-※-CSingle acting (Normally open: normally closed)φ25, φ40M5, Rc1/8

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