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Thin chuck

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A hollow hole model has been added to the thin long stroke CKS Series. The hollow hole allows for the attachment of pushers,
air blowers, sensors, etc., making the series even easier to use.

[Operation stroke]
Hollow type:16 to 50mm

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Layout of the internal cylinder changed from the conventional vertical to horizontal, stroke length extended and thickness reduced by half.
Can be installed in confined spaces inside equipment.

[Simple structure without twist]
Changed from conventional worm type to direct acting type to minimize twist, as well as reducing malfunctions due to shortage of grease.

[Open / close confirmation switch]
2 proximity switches can be installed.

[Hollow hole devices]
It can be attached to hollow pushers, air blowers, sensors, etc.

Model No. Product name Bore size (Open)Bore size (Closed)Stroke Remarks
CKSStandardφ6 x 3, φ10 x 3, φ12 x 3, φ16 x 3, φ20 x 3, φ25 x 3φ8 x 3, φ12 x 3, φ16 x 3, φ20 x 3, φ25 x 3, φ32 x 310~32mm
CKS-FHollow typeφ12×3, φ16×3, φ20×3, φ25×3, φ40×3φ16×3, φ20×3 , φ25×3, φ32×3, φ50×316~50mm

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