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Automatic hand changer

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Hand changer that supports the factory automation of multi-model workpieces. Automatic exchange of multiple hands and tools possible. Position locking mechanism is provided as standard, and a variety of options of electrodes are available.

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[Attention to safety]
Position locking mechanism is provided as standard to allow holding with built-in spring even when the drive source is cut off.

Optional electrode unit for signal line of electrode (15 electric signal pins) available.

Model No. Product name SizePort for toolPneumatic interface Remarks
CHCStandard1, 5, 10, 20M3, M56 pc.
CHC-※-D1With electrode (15-pin)1, 5, 10, 20M3, M56 pc.
CHC-※-D3With electrode + D sub-connector (socket)5, 10, 20M3, M56 pc.
CHC-※-BCheck valve5, 10, 20M3, M56 pc.

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