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Electro pneumatic regulators

High precision electro pneumatic regulator

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Feedback control with semiconductor pressure sensor and electronic control circuit is used. This electro pneumatic regulator allows continuous and precise control of air pressure by electrical signal.

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[Wide range of control pressure variations]
It is possible to select the optimum pressure range from 9 variations.

[Built-in microcomputer achieves high precision pressure control.]
Hysteresis: 0.3 kPa to 3 kPa
Linearity: ±0.5 kPa to ±5 kPa
Resolution: 0.1 kPa to 0.9 kPa
Repeatability: 0.2 kPa to 1.8 kPa
* Differs according to the set pressure range

[Pressure stability]
Residual pressure 0 when the input signal is 0%.
Pressure control pattern can be selected.

[Easy operation]
Two switches allow various settings.
Zero point adjustment
Span point adjustment
Pressure control pattern selection
With operation indicator

[Easy replacement]
Compatible mounting with conventional product (EV2500), with two kinds of connectors available.
It can also be used with manifold.

Model No. Product name Pressure control range (MPa)Port size (Rc, NPT, G) Remarks
EVR-2※※0Single unit5 to 900 kPa1/4
EVR-2※※9Manifold5 to 900 kPa1/4

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