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Electro pneumatic regulators

Electro pneumatic regulator

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[NEW] Variation added
30 mm wide compact, lightweight and high performance electro pneumatic regulator.
Ideal for controlling pilot regulators, pressure and fine speed cylinders in the semiconductor and precision assembling fields.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (post-process)

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[Improved performance and variations added]
(1) Resolution up to 0.1%F.S. → up to 0.05%F.S.
(2) Pressure variations -100kPa (negative pressure), 200kPa (medium pressure), and 900kPa (high pressure) added

30 x 39 x 57.1 (Width x Height x Length).
As it is compact and lightweight, it contributes to downsizing of equipment.

[High precision]
High precision and high-speed response control of fluid pressure using electric signals.
Repeatability: 0.3% F.S.
Resolution 0.1% F.S.
Response time: 0.1 sec (no load)

[2-color display of the operational status]
On the 2-color operation indicator, green means the pressure is within the set value and red means the pressure is outside the set value or an error status.

[Easy to pipe / wire]
Air piping: Push-in fitting, Electric wiring: M12 fitting is adopted, so piping and wiring work is easy.

Model No. Product name Pressure control range (MPa)Port size (φ) Remarks
EVS2-100Electro pneumatic regulator0.001 to 0.14, 6
EVS2-500Electro pneumatic regulator0.005 t0 0.5 MPa4, 6
EVS2-10VElectro pneumatic regulator-0.0053 to -0.09124,6
EVS2-200Electro pneumatic regulator0.002 to 0.24,6
EVS2-900Electro pneumatic regulator0.009 to 0.94,6

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