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Solenoid valves for steam

Pilot kick 2-port solenoid valve for steam

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Steam only solenoid valve that operates from differential pressure 0 with improved durability (1 million cycles). Special seal structure with PTFE square ring reduces the risk of external steam leakage.


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Special seal structure with PTFE square ring improves external sealing force and reduces external leakage risk in high temperature steam.

Original piston structure resistant to foreign matter.

The coil actuator is optimized for steam, realizing endurance of 1 million cycles.

Model No. Product name Working pressure (MPa)Port size Remarks
SPK11-15APilot kick0 to 1.0Rc1/2
SPK11-20APilot kick0 to 1.0Rc3/4
SPK11-25APilot kick0 to 1.0Rc1

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