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Compact metal-free 2, 3-port solenoid valve

Model No.

Discontinued 2023 09 29

【Discontinued model】
Alternative model : MR10R Series

Small 2, 3-port valve for chemical liquid with a width of 10 mm. Diaphragm. Supports pure water, normal saline, reagent, washing solution and waste liquid.

  • Cultivation
  • Sorting
  • Biochemical analysis equipment
  • Dialysis monitoring equipment
  • Dental equipment

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[Piping method options]
It can be selected from two piping methods according to the application.

[Energy saving compatible]
Built-in energy saving board reduces heat generation and power consumption to 1 W.

Model No. Product name Remarks
MR10-2NC2-port valve / NCDiscontinued
2023 09 29
MR10-2NO2-port valve / NODiscontinued
2023 09 29
MR10-33-port valve / universalDiscontinued
2023 09 29

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