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Solenoid pinch valve (fine pinch valve)

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Discontinued some variations

Pinch valve that opens and closes the tube with solenoid. Ideal for control of pure water, normal saline, reagent, washing solution, etc. with a structure in which only the tube is wetted.

  • Cultivation
  • Sorting
  • Biochemical analysis equipment
  • Physicochemical analysis equipment
  • Endoscope related device

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There is no wetting other than the tube, and the impact on reagents and samples is suppressed.

[Ease of use]
NC, NO, 3-port can be flexibly changed by changing the tube position.

Model No. Product name Compatible tube (mm) Remarks
HYN-3Solenoidφ3 x 1
HYN-5Solenoidφ5 x 3
HYN-8Solenoidφ8 x 6
HYN-2Solenoidφ2 x 0.5Discontinued
2019 12 27
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