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Air operated 3-port valve for medium and high pressure (coolant valve)

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3-port air operated valve that is resistant to foreign matter and specialized for coolant control in machine tools. Port size from Rc3/8 to 1 and specification from medium pressure (3.5 MPa) to high pressure (7.0 MPa) available.

  • Coolant control

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Adopting a cast iron body and metal seal structure reduces the wear and damage of the sealing portion and makes the structure resistant to foreign matter.

[High pressure]
Supports medium pressure specification (3.5 MPa) and high pressure specification (7.0 MPa).

Model No. Product name Max. working pressure (MPa)Port size Remarks
CVE3-35Air operated3.5Rc3/8 to 2
CVE3-70Air operated7Rc3/8 to 1
CVSE3-35With solenoid valve3.5Rc3/8 to 2
CVSE3-70With solenoid valve7Rc3/8 to 1

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