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Air operated valves (cylinder valves)

Air operated 2-port valve (Cylinder valve)

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Air operated valve of a cylinder drive type that’s available in a wide range of port sizes from Rc1/4 to 80. It supports water, air, steam and low vacuum, and solenoid valve mounted type is also available.


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External pilot air operated cylinder is resistant to foreign matter and guarantees reliable opening/closing.

[Supports multiple fluids]
Series that supports water, air, low vacuum and steam is available.
By selecting the body and seal material option in each series, it can support a wider range of fluids.

[Improved workability]
The actuator section can be changed in 4 directions, enabling easy piping and wiring work.

Model No. Product name ActuationWorking fluidPort size Remarks
SAB※WAir operatedNC / NO / double actingWater / LiquidRc1/4 to 80 flange
SAB※AAir operatedNC / NO / Double actingCompressed air / GasRc1/4 to 80 flange
SAB※SAir operatedNC / NO / Double actingCompressed air / GasRc1/4 to 2, 50 flange
SAB※VAir operatedNC / NO / Double actingLow vacuum / air / gas / waterRc1/4 to 2, 50 flange
SVB※WWith solenoid valveNC / NOWater / liquidRc1/4 to 80 flange
SVB※AWith solenoid valveNC / NOCompressed air / gasRc1/4 to 80 flange
SVB※SWith solenoid valveNC / NOFor steam / water / airRc1/4 to 2, 50 flange
SVB※VWith solenoid valveNC / NOLow vacuum / air / gas / waterRc1/4 to 2, 50 flange

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