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Detects with high accuracy the level of fluids including pure water, acids, alkalis and solvents, outputting electrical signals.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process)
  • N2 purging related products

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[Remote operation possible] (KML703 Series)
Since the sensor and display are separated, it is possible to install the operation display away from the liquid bath.
The built-in communication function (RS485) allows operation from the host computer.

[Resistant to fluctuations in environmental pressure] (KML703 Series)
As the differential pressure method detects the differential pressure between the environmental pressure and water level, it is capable of detection resistant to fluctuation in environmental pressure by setting the detection tube and environment detection tube in an environment with the same pressure.

[Hihg durability](KML502, MKML2, MXKML2 )
Improved durability by changing diaphragm material.

[Improved usability](MKML2, MXKML2)
Adoption of a block structure makes it possible to change the number of couplings.

Model No. Product name CommunicationRepeatability Remarks
KML502Detection 1-point Single unit-±1mm
KML60Detection 4-point Single unit-±10 mm
KML703-GDetection 8-point Gauge pressureRS454±3 mm
KML703-DDetection 8-point Differential pressure (Reduced environmental fluctuation)RS454±3 mm
MKML2Detection 1-point Manifold-±1mm
MXKML2Detection 4-point Manifold-±10mm
KML50Detection 1-point Single unit-±1 mmDiscontinued
2024 11 29
Old Catalog
KML702Digital fine level switchRS485±3mmDiscontinued
2016 08 31
Old Catalog
MKMLDetection 1-point Manifold-±1 mmDiscontinued
2024 11 29
MXKMLDetection 4-point Manifold-±10 mmDiscontinued
2024 11 29

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