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Integrated gas supply system

Integrated gas supply system

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A process gas supply system that takes up less space and offers improved maintainability.
We do it all based on the processes you need, from design to manufacturing.
1.5 inch, W seal supported.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process)
  • Components for chemical gas supply facilities

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[Integrated unit]
The process gas supply line has been compactly integrated using standardized parts.
Achieves an ideal flow path that enables high-speed substitution of process gas and inert gas.
We deliver after designing, assembling and testing, reducing the labor required from the customer.

Model No. Product name ContentSizeConnection Remarks
IAGD4Integrated gas supply system--W seal
MAGD4-RComponents for integrated gas supply systemAir operated valve1.5inch-
MOGD4Components for integrated gas supply systemManual valve1.5inch-
MFGD4Components for integrated gas supply systemFlow rate adjusting valve1.5inch-
MCGP4Components for integrated gas supply systemCheck valve1.5inch-

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