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Process gas components

Manual valve for process gas

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90° rotation snap action manual valve.

  • Components for chemical gas supply facilities
  • Components for chemical liquid supply facilities
  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process)
  • N2 purging related products

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[90° rotation snap action]
Just turn the handle to close the valve.
Valve open / closed state can be confirmed from the direction of the handle & top surface indicator.
Panel mounting supported (option).

[Improved inner seal performance]
The non-rotating rod structure provides stability.
The spring seal provides stability.
Reduced particle generation is achieved with optimal seal structure and improved surface roughness.

Model No. Product name Connection Remarks
OGD10R-4RMManual valve for process gas1/4”JXR male fitting
OGD10R-4RManual valve for process gas1/4”JXR female fitting
OGD10R-4SManual valve for process gas1/4”double barbed fitting
OGD20R-6RMManual valve for process gas3/8”JXR male fitting
OGD20R-6RManual valve for process gas3/8”JXR female fitting
OGD20R-6SManual valve for process gas3/8”double barbed fitting

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