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Process gas components

Manual valve for process gas

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Manual metal diaphragm valve. A 270° rotating handle opening/closing type.

  • Components for chemical liquid supply facilities
  • Components for chemical gas supply facilities
  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process)
  • N2 purging related products

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[Improved inner seal performance]
Reduced particle generation is achieved with optimal seal structure and improved surface roughness.
Handle shaped to generate optimal internal sealing force.
Stopper mechanism to prevent diaphragm damage due to excessive tightening.

Model No. Product name Connection Remarks
MGD10R-4RMManual valve for process gas1/4”JXR male fitting
MGD10R-4RManual valve for process gas1/4”JXR female fitting
MGD10R-4SManual valve for process gas1/4”double barbed fitting
MGD20R-6RMManual valve for process gas3/8”JXR male fitting
MGD20R-6RManual valve for process gas3/8”JXR female fitting
MGD20R-6SManual valve for process gas3/8”double barbed fitting

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