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Process gas components

Regulator for process gas

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Regulator for process gas that uses a metal diaphragm.
It helps stabilize gas pressure and flow rate.

  • Components for chemical gas supply facilities
  • N2 purging related products

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[High precision]
A high-spec design that supports high-purity gas and high-precision control.
High-precision control of ultra-low flow rate and pressure.
Low hysteresis and reduced pressure drop.

Model No. Product name Flow rate seriesSecondary set pressure Remarks
PGM-30VRegulator for process gas20ℓ/min-0.07 to 0.21MPa
PGM-30Regulator for process gas20ℓ/min0 to 0.21MPa
PGM-50Regulator for process gas20ℓ/min0 to 0.35MPa
PGM-100Regulator for process gas20ℓ/min0 to 0.7MPa
PGM-H-60Regulator for process gas50ℓ/min0 to 0.42MPa
PGM-H-100Regulator for process gas50ℓ/min0 to 0.7MPa

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