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Regulator for process gas

Regulator for process gas

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CKD's process gas regulators boast industry-leading sealing performance, hysteresis, and repeatability.
Achieves a stable process through high-precision pressure/flow rate adjustment of supply gas.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process)
  • Components for chemical liquid supply facilities

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[High sealability]
Contributes to process stabilization
- Optimal design of valve seat and ultra-precise machining
- Minimizes leakage (outflow) to the secondary side when the valve is closed

[High micro flow rate controllability]
Achieves stable and smooth operation
- Optimized design of valve seat shape
- Stable control even at very small flow rates

[Hysteresis reduction]
Goals pressure is met securely
- High-quality materials
- Ultra-precise machining

Model No. Product name Flow rateSecondary set pressure Remarks
PGM-30VRegulator for process gas20ℓ/min-0.07 to 0.21MPa
PGM-30Regulator for process gas20ℓ/min0 to 0.21MPa
PGM-50Regulator for process gas20ℓ/min0 to 0.35MPa
PGM-100Regulator for process gas20ℓ/min0 to 0.7MPa
PGM-H-60Regulator for process gas50ℓ/min0 to 0.42MPa
PGM-H-100Regulator for process gas50ℓ/min0 to 0.7MPa
PGM-2H-30VRegulator for process gas200L/min-0.07 to 0.21Mpa
PGM-2H-30Regulator for process gas200L/min0 to 0.21Mpa
PGM-2H-60Regulator for process gas200L/min0 to 0.42Mpa
PGM-2H-100Regulator for process gas200L/min0 to 0.7Mpa

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