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Portable air supply unit

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It is a compact compressed air supply device that's compactly integrated with a quiet compressor, filter, regulator, valve and the like, making it easily portable.
It can be used not only at manufacturing sites but also in quiet environments or in offices and research laboratories where a small amount of compressed air is used.

  • Respiratory / Anesthesia device

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A unit that can be easily carried into places where compressed air is needed. An all-in-one type in which the filter, regulator, pressure sensor, silencer and equipment required for compressed air supply are combined,

Use the aftercooler to cool the air heated by the pump. Drain centrifuge and high performance element are used to remove foreign matter and supply clean air.

Model No. Product name Discharge air quantity Remarks
ASU-S-C6-1Portable air supply unit19 / 25 ℓ/min (ANR)

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