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High-performance servo driver that maximizes motor performance.
Supports five types of interface: I/O, SSCNETⅢ/H, CC-Link, EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ.


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【Superb speed stability】
Reducing torque ripples improves speed stability even more. (Reduced by 20% from the conventional model.)

【Improved stability during stop】
Vibration of a load with large inertia during stop is reduced. Not only speed but also other items, such as deviation and the presence or absence of a command, can be set as the conditions for switching between normal gain and low-speed gain.

【Easy tuning even for a load with large inertia】
Since the feedback filter appropriate for the load is automatically set during auto tuning, the speed detection ripples are reduced, allowing easy tuning even for a load with large inertia. Smooth operation can be achieved easily.

【Smooth operation reduces the positioning time.】
Making the torque waveform a quadratic curve significantly eases the impact at the time of acceleration and deceleration and reduces the positioning time without causing vibration even when the acceleration and deceleration is shortened.

【System support tool】
The enhanced adjustment, monitoring, operation, analysis,
and editing functions assist in mechanical system matching
and enable efficient start-up.

Model No. Product name InterfaceOutput capacity Remarks
NCR-HAServo driver (τDISC common use)I/O100W to 15kW
NCR-HBServo driver (τDISC common use)SSCNETⅢ/H100W to 15kW
NCR-HCServo driver (τDISC common use)CC-Link100W to 15kW
NCR-HDServo driver (τDISC common use)EtherCAT100W to 15kW
NCR-HEServo driver (τDISC common use)MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ100W to 15kW

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