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Compact flow rate controller RAPIFLOW®

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It is a device that unitizes flow sensor function, proportional control function and valve function, and controls necessary flow rate.

  • Shield gas
  • N2 purging related products
  • Physicochemical analysis equipment

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【RS-485 communication added】
Reliable RS-485 is used for industrial network communication.

[IO-Link Compatibility]
IO-Link communication allows for remote operation from the host,
in addition to data collection.

[System Error Detection (predictive maintenance)]
In addition to the accident detection which recognizes the deterioration of sensors and electromagnetic proportional valve, abnormalities including the peripheral system are detected. The IO-Link will output the warning signals.

[Applicable fluids / flow rate range]
Air, nitrogen: 0.015 to 50 ℓ/min
Argon: 0.015 to 50 ℓ/min
Oxygen, city gas, methane, propane: 0.015 to 10 ℓ/min
Hydrogen, helium: 0.06 to 20 ℓ/min

[Digital display mounted to make control status visible at a glance]
Digitally displays the flow rate value in 3 digits.
Error and output state (switch output ON / OFF) are displayed.

[High-speed control for 0.5 seconds]
The platinum sensor chip manufactured with silicon micromachining realizes a high-speed control of 0.5 sec.

[Highly reliable flow control]
Reproducibility: ±1% F.S.
Accuracy: ±3% F.S.

Model No. Product name Port size (φ, Rc, UNF) Remarks
FCMStandard model6, 8
FCM-LLow differential pressure model1/4, 9/16-18

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