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IO-Link Wireless Input Unit【Japan, EU, USA only release】

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An input unit compatible with IO-Link Wireless, an uninterrupted wireless system that can be used for control.
Lightweight and compact, easy to install even in moving parts. Wiring of cylinder switches and photoelectric switches, which have a risk of wire breakage, can be made wireless. It also reduces the number of wires in the cable carrier and saves wiring at the tip of the robot arm.[Digital 16-point input]


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[Wireless robot arm tip switch]
Enables the use of wireless cylinder switches for multi-user robot hands. The power supply is wired from the wiring inside the robot, reducing the risk of disconnection of the switch wiring.

[What is IO-Link Wireless]
The error rate is as low as that of wired devices, making it ideal for wireless control devices.
IO-Link Wireless is an international standard (IEC 61139-2:2023).

[Blacklist function]
Avoids frequencies used by other "wireless devices. Coexistence with other wireless devices is possible.

[Frequency hopping]
Performs three communication retries in one cycle. Since the frequency is changed, uninterrupted low latency is achieved.

[IO-Link Wireless system configuration example]
Can be connected to EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and EtherCAT via IO-Link Wireless master. Not available for use outside of regions where the Radio Law is applicable (Japan, EU, and the U.S.).

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WDDigital input

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