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This air balancer has a wide working range and can be installed in low-ceiling areas with a rated payload of 50 kg. It contributes to work improvement even in narrow, low-ceilinged workplaces where the introduction of assistance devices had been impractical in the past.


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[Easy transportation of heavy objects]
Compressed air is used for power, making it easy to transport heavy objects weighing up to 50 kg.

[Wide range of motion]
The unit can cover a wide working area with a turning radius of 2.5 m and a vertical stroke of 1.5 m.

[All-air specification]
No electrical power supply is required, so it can be used in an explosion-proof atmosphere.

[4 types of mounting]
Floor, dolly, pillar, and ceiling mountings are available.

[Can be installed in low-ceiling areas]
The overall height is only 2.5 m, allowing installation in low-ceiling areas.

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