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This electric actuator can be used safely in various environments and processes. Variations for dusty environments, low-dust environments, rechargeable battery manufacturing processes, and food manufacturing processes are available. In addition, made-to-order actuators are available to meet customer requirements. This model uses an outer rail guide to achieve compactness and high rigidity. It contributes to space saving of equipment by reducing the size of the actuator. When connecting with the multi-axis controller ECMG Series, a significant increase in basic actuator performance is realized.

【Compatible controllers】
* Please see "Related Products" for details on the controller.

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[Supports various environments and processes]
Lineups for dust environment, low dust environment, rechargeable battery manufacturing process, food manufacturing process are available.
The dusty environment version is IP50 rated.

[Significantly improved performance]
When connecting with the multi-axis controller ECMG Series, a significant increase in basic actuator performance is realized.
Improved payload by speed is up to 5 times higher than conventional models, and maximum speed is up to 2 times higher.
*When connecting with the multi-axis controller ECMG Series

【Compact body with high rigidity】
An outer rail is used for the guide.
High rigidity and space saving are realized simultaneously with the wide guide integrated with the body.

【Battery-less absolute encoder】
Equipped with an absolute encoder that retains current position information.
Battery-less design eliminates the need for battery replacements.

[Easy installation and maintenance]
The product can be mounted directly from the top or bottom, without disassembly.
This significantly reduces work time, especially when installing from the top.
The product also has a grease lubrication port on both sides of the body for direct lubrication from the exterior.
The ball screw and guide can be maintained simply by lubricating from a single location, without disassembling the product.

[Available as a made-to-order actuator]
Intermidiate stroke and machining hole positions can be changed according to the working conditions.
* Made to order

Model No. Product name Main unit widthMaximum payload (horizontal)Maximum payload (vertical) Remarks
EJSG-04Slider type44mm20kg9.2kgConnect to Controller ECG-A・ECMG Series
EJSG-05Slider type54mm40kg14kgConnect to Controller ECG-A・ECMG Series
EJSG-08Slider type82mm80kg43.3kgConnect to controller ECG-A・ECMG Series

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