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Electric actuator Rod type【Japan only release】

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Rod type electric actuator that uses an air component body.
The controller can be connected to the compact ESC3 Series.
No dedicated software is required and various settings can be completed on site.
Furthermore, there are 3 input signals which do not require any programming.

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[No dedicated tools are required. Easy on-site configuration]
The stop position is adjusted by turning the manual operation knob to the position where the cylinder switch responds.
The speed is set by the rotary DIP switch on the controller.

[Operation is possible with only 3 input signals]
No programming is required.
Simple wiring is all that is required for operation.

Model No. Product name Max. payload (horizontal)Max. payload (vertical)Max. speed Remarks
DSSD2-20Rod type【Japan only release】4.4kg6.4kg135mm/s
DSSD2-32Rod type【Japan only release】10kg14kg180mm/s
DSSD2-50Rod type【Japan only release】14.8kg13.2kg144mm/s

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