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Capacitance electromagnetic flow sensor

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Flow rate sensor with Flo-Thru structure. No clogging of foreign matter or detection error will occur. It is ideal for spot welding machines, various machine tools, induction hardening devices, etc.

  • Cooling water
  • Environmental durability
  • Coolant control

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【IO-Link Compatibility】
IO-Link communication allows for remote operation from the host, in addition to data collection.

[Flo-Thru structure]
It has a structure with no obstacles in the flow path, is resistant to foreign matter, and does not get clogged.

[Straight piping section not required]
Since it rectifies within the flow path, a straight pipe section is not required, enabling efficient piping layout.
Saves space inside equipment systems.

[Parallel installation]
Supports proximity parallel installation by changing the setting.
Can also be unitized with the integrated unit for water control WXU Series.

[2.0 MPa compatible]
Supports maximum working pressure of 2.0 MPa and medium pressure coolant.

[External input]
Capable of external input of accumulation reset and zero point adjustment.

【Liquid Temperature Measuring Function】
With a built-in liquid temperature sensor, the need for extra space and wiring man-hours become obsolete (option) .

Model No. Product name Flow rate range (L/min)Port size Remarks
WFC-150Capacitance electromagnetic flow sensor0.5 to 15Rc3/8
WFC-600Capacitance electromagnetic flow sensor2 to 60Rc1/2, 3/4

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