Electric Actuator Rotary:A rich selection of Absolute DD actuators that are highly reliable. Actively used in Food products manufacturing, Medical fields and Automotive industries. Direct acting:Actuators are excellent for replacing pneumatic cylinders, from palletizing to orthogonal axes that can be used for sealing, we have a series with an abundant model selection.

Various business types and categories ・Automotive Parts ・Medical analysis ・Food manufacturing equipment ・LCD/Semi-conductors ・Electronic parts assembly/examination

Rotary actuators

  • AX7000X series

    Released March 23rd, 2015

    High end models equipped with a high resolution encoders. Function to freely combine drives, actuators and cables.

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  • AX6000M series

    Released September 4th, 2013

    A Desktop DD Actuator that realizes User Friendliness in a Compact design. Highly in Demand - for the assembly of parts and conveyance processes of devices and equipment

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  • AX1000T、AX2000T、AX4000T series picture

    AX1000T、AX2000T、AX4000T series

    Instantaneous positioning, Highly responsive Absodex

    • High precision/high functionality
    • Environmental considerations
    • Compatibility

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Direct acting actuators electric actuator

Make your selection according to your usage from single axis with easy settings to high-end orthogonal axes capable of circular interpolation.

  • ETS series picture

    ETS series
    A wide lineup catering to your usage
  • ECS series picture

    ECS series
    Full covers and with suction ports designed with the ETS Series in mind
  • ECV series picture

    ECV series
    A structure with no gaps for a low dust generating specification.
  • ETV series picture

    ETV series
    A belt drive based on the ETS Series.
  • KBX series picture

    KBX series
    Cartesian robots capable of controlling 4 axes simultaneously.
  • ESM series picture

    ESM series
    An "arch" conveyance with just 1 motor has been made possible.
  • ERL2・ESD2 series picture

    ERL2・ESD2 series
    Freely combine the electric actuators and controllers.
  • KBZ series picture

    KBZ series
    Small axis for servo drive. And compatible with KBX.
  • ELCR series picture

    ESSD・ELCR series
    Inheriting the user friendliness of pneumatic components.

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