Requests and Issues

Since there are multiple processes of workpiece loading, discharging, assembly, and inspection, we would like to attach a table to the rotary actuator and perform indexing operation in one direction by 90 °.
Since the space of the device is limited due to the small work, we want to use the actuator of the rotating system as small as possible.


Size Unidirectional indexing operation
Pneumatic actuator
Pneumatic actuator
Direct drive motor

There are three types of rotating actuators that can be proposed by CKD.

The pneumatic actuator GRC Series cannot be used because it cannot operate continuously in one direction.
The Electric Actuator FGRC Series and the Direct Drive Motor AX Series can operate in one direction.
However, the FGRC Series of electric actuators is very compact compared to the AX Series of direct drive motors, while providing the same size and torque as the pneumatic actuator.
The acceleration/deceleration setting also eliminates the need for shock absorbers, which also saves space and reduces parts more than the pneumatic actuator.

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